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Frequently Asked Questions From Customers:

Q 1: Why does my Order Status still show as "Processing"? How Long Does it Take to Receive An Order?

A 1: Orders take anywhere from 10-14 BUSINESS days (within the USA) and 3- 4 weeks (international) to receive due to each item being hand printed after it is ordered. Once the item is pretreated and packaged for shipping it is shipped. The above stated times are measured from the time the order is placed with us until it is received by you (and is dependent upon demand). If it has been over 20 days for domestic orders, please contact our customer service department at: support@lednut.net

Q 2: Can I change, add or remove something from my order once it is placed?

A 2: In order to change an order we have to cancel and refund the existing order so you can then place a new order. It is always best just to place another order if you need to add another item.
If you need to cancel completely or change an item, please know that we can do this if it’s within a 24 hour window from the time you placed the order as all our products are hand made in the U.S.A on demand.
If you need further help with any of these issues please contact customer service at: support@lednut.net

Q 3: Why does my tracking number not have any information available or say "number not found"?

A 3: Tracking numbers are issued by a shipper and then updated during the process. If a tracking number is issued, then it has been accepted and is in process. How frequently it is updated with new information depends on the carrier (usually USPS, UPS or DHL). Please allow 24 – 48 hours after you receive the tracking email to accurately show where your product is with the shipper.

If you are still not seeing anything or if the number cannot be found after this 48 hours from the time you get the email, please contact our customer service desk at support@lednut.net so we can research the situation.

Q 4: I was sent an incorrect item (design, style, color, size). How can I get the item I ordered?

A 4: We are so very sorry you were sent the incorrect item! Please know that we strive to exceed your expectations and will get you out the correct item ASAP. Please email our customer service department: support@lednut.net and they will take care of getting you the right item.

Q 5: I did not receive all of the items in my package. Where is the rest of my order?

A 5: If you received only ONE item and ordered more than one, your order most likely was split between 2 or more of our vendors. We use three different dropshippers that specialize in different designs and items. Because of this, you will get multiple shipments to complete your order.

Please check your receipt that will show from where they are being shipped. If this is the case, then you should be receiving at least two shipments and two different tracking # emails.

If it is coming from the SAME dropshipper according to your receipt and what you received is incomplete, email us so we can resolve the issue for you ASAP. Please email our customer service department – support@lednut.net – with the following information so we can take care of this for you: