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About Us

Welcome to LEDNut Store!

LEDNut is a newly leading consumer electronics brand operating around the globe. We specialize in consumer LED gadgets and family friendly products. We're honored to provide you the best shopping experience and novel products that fulfill your needs.

Our Team:

John, Product Engineer

John is our product Engineer who has more than 15 years experience on fixing electronics. As a kid he likes to disassemble the electronics and assemble it again to learn how it works and how to build it. He once DIY some products that are still used in his home such as light remoter. He believes creative make life more convenient. Contact him at John@lednut.net

Eliza, Manger of Customer Service

Eliza has years of experience offering the customer service for some online stores and physical stores.She is a patient talker who has the passionate to solve out the problem users got regarding to the product.
Contact him at Eliza@lednut.net

Company Name:Shenzhen YanShang Tech LLC

Address:No.4 HengGang Street LongGang District , ShenZhen, GuangDong, 330000, CN